Bandana Bow

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Bandana Bow

Today’s recreation is the Bandana Bow!

bandana bow

I adore wearing bows in my hair. They are feminine, cute, and give us girls that adorable Minnie Mouse factor. I found this pin on Pinterest here.

For this tutorial, all you will need is:

  • A bandana (Any size will do. The larger the bandana, the larger the bow.) Get creative here! Pick up some bright colors with various patterns. It’s really up to you!

Ready? Let’s start!

Step 1: Triangle

2016-03-12_18.41.41Take one corner of the bandana and fold it toward its opposite corner to make a triangle.

Step 2: Corners up!

2016-03-12_18.39.54Now, take the bottom corner of the triangle and fold it to the top edge.

Step 3: Fold

2016-03-12_18.36.30Take the bottom edge and fold it to the top, essentially folding the bandana in half.

Step 4: Fold Those Ends!

2016-03-12_18.35.31Fold both ends toward the middle like the above picture. For a larger bow, don’t fold the ends in so far. For a smaller bow, tighten up those folds and fold them closer to the center.

Step 5: Loop It


Take those two ends, and loop them together like you’re about to tie a knot. Don’t tie them in a knot though!

Step 6: Flip ‘n Wrap

2016-03-12_18.33.11Just flip that bad boy over! Next, take one of the tails and wrap it around the center of the bow as many times as you can. Tuck the leftover fabric into the folds that were created from wrapping it. Then, do the same thing with the other tail.

Step 7: Fluff, and Finish

2016-03-12_18.32.05To finish up, tug, pull, and fluff the the sides up to create the desired shape and fullness to your bow. And that’s it! This bow can easily be attached to your hair by bobby pinning the sides down.

The verdict?


Love it! It might take you a few tries to create the pretty bow you want. But after that? It’s very simple to put it together to add a new accessory to your hair. These bows are pretty huge. If you’d like it to be smaller, I suggest cutting the bandana in half before starting. Another upside to this method is that you’ll end up with twice the bows! And that’s something I’m always okay with.

Have you tried creating this bow? Share your experiences below!

Stay beautiful,



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