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To kick off this blog, I thought we’d start with something simple, something that most girls already incorporate into their daily skin care routine. The name alone is what made me choose this pin, as I am always looking for anything with a “brightening” effect. I’m sure many of you girls are too! You can find the original pin here.

Brightening Toner

To begin, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  •  1 cup water
  • 2/3 cup witch hazel
  • Empty bottle or jar (I suggest a large one, as this recipe makes a lot.)
  • **(For oily skin, the pin says to add 2 Tablespoons of alcohol.)**

For those of you thinking, “Wtf is witch hazel?” Not to worry! Witch hazel can be found in most drug stores. It will most likely be near the pharmacy next to rubbing alcohol and the like.

brightening toner

Next? There is only one step! Combine the lemon juice, water, and witch hazel together in the empty bottle, and that’s it! You’re done! Apply with a cotton pad and follow immediately with a moisturizer.

According to the pin, witch hazel tightens pores and reduces inflammation (no more redness!). The lemon juice reduces blemishes and lightens the skin. This is where that beautiful “brightening” factor comes in!


The Verdict?
I absolutely love this toner! I have been using it twice daily for the past week or so. The first day I used this, I wasn’t totally convinced. Sure, my face felt clean. But it wasn’t anything your average toner couldn’t do just as well.

However, after two or three days, my skin was looking amazing! It was smooth, tight, and had an unmistakably bright glow. At work, I even received compliments. That fully convinced me that it was not just in my head. My skin actually did look better. So, of course, I had to tell those kind strangers that they too could have brighter skin.

Now, the pin says to use this toner both morning and night every day. However, I know that for some girls–particularly those with dryer skin– using a toner on top of cleanser twice a day every day is a bit harsh. It can get so bad, even that ridiculously expensive moisturizer you bought doesn’t make a bit of difference to your poor, flaky skin.

I suggest following your normal skin care routine. If you know that you can typically use toner every other day without drying out your skin, stick with that. If you have never used a toner before, or are not sure how often your skin can handle it, I suggest following the pin’s instructions of twice daily. Keep a close eye on that skin of yours. If you start to notice that your skin is drying out, back off a little. Skip a day. Try every other day. Try every three days. Find the perfect balance that works with your skin type and stick with it!

Whatever works for you, before long, you will notice an irresistible glow illuminating those cheeks. I adore it, and it has earned itself
a permanent place in my daily skin care routine.

I am so glad we kicked thGoodReviewis blog off with a positive review!


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