Got2b Mess-merizing Hair Product Review

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Got2b Mess-merizing Hair Product Review

Hello again!

Today’s post was inspired by the Got2b Mess-merizing styling product line. I recently purchased Curly Hairthe Got2b Mess-merizing Sculpting Spritz, Messifying Putty, and Texturizing Hairspray. I adore the messy waves we painstakingly put so much effort into making them look effortless. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for good styling products to help achieve the look.

After showering, I towel dried my hair using a T-shirt. Regular towels are too rough on our hair, creating damage and, not to mention, the dreaded frizz.  I used the T-shirt to scrunch my hair, bunching my hair up and squeezing it toward my scalp. This helps set the foundation for those beautiful, messy kinks we want.Got2b Mess-merizing Hair Product Review

When my hair was damp, but no longer dripping, I started off with the Got2b Mess-merizing Sculpting Spritz. I sprayed a generous amount throughout my hair, avoiding the roots and focusing on the mid-length and ends.

Then, I used my hands to scrunch, scrunch, scrunch! Really work those fingers of yours and bunch that hair up to your scalp. Squeeze at the scalp and hold for a few seconds before letting those locks drop. Repeat this process until you have some defined waves.

At this point, I just let my hair air dry. Every 15 minutes or so, I went through and scrunched my hair randomly again. I repeated this until my hair was completely dry.

To purchase the Got2b Mess-merizing Sculpting Spritz on Amazon, click the link below.

Got 2B Mess-Merizing Sculpting Spritz 6.8oz



2016-03-21_13.35.52Once my hair was dry, I used about a dime-sized amount of Got2b Messifying Putty. I rubbed it into the palms of my hands to warm it up before applying. Then, I followed the same step as before. Scrunch!

This putty works amazingly well for holding the waves in place. I scrunched in random places, flipped my hair upside down and scrunched more, and repeated the process until I was satisfied. There really is no method to the madness when it comes to a messy, beachy look. The messier, the better! Find what works for your hair and stick with it.

To purchase the Messifying Putty, click the link below.

Got 2B Mess-Merizing Putty 3.5oz

Got2b Mess-merizing Hair Product Review

And last, but not least, I finished up the look with the got2b Mess-merizing Texturizing Hairspray. This was probably my favorite part of the whole process. I lifted up the crown sections of my hair and spritzed them with the hairspray to create volume. For even more volume, I flipped my hair upside down and sprayed. While in this position, I scrunched my hair again.

Flipping back to right side up, I scrunched one last time to finish and polish the look. Then, I was ready to face the day with my messy, wavy hair.

To purchase this hairspray, click the link below.

Got 2B Mess-Merizing Hairspray 9.1oz


The verdict?

I love these products! CurlyHair Thumbs UpMy hair, even though it does have a slight bend in it, does not like to make pretty waves for me. It likes to dry into a ball of frizz if I don’t take the necessary precautions (like using a T-shirt to dry it). I have tried tons of other styling products to achieve the same look, but this is the only one I have come across so far that actually keeps my hair in messy fashion.

With other products, I noticed that my hair would look great when it was done. However, after a few hours, my hair would return to limp and lifeless, with just a kink or two here and there and a lot of frizz everywhere else.

With these products, the messy waves lasted all day, and I am sold!

Have any of you tried these products or would like to share your messy hair method? Share your experiences below!

Stay beautiful,


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